Auraglow reviews

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It just works

great product

Always satisfied

I saw results in three days. I love this brand and would recommend it to everyone, including people who have sensitive teeth.

Auraglow is the absolute best ever.

Love Auraglow. The only whitener I will ever use. Thank you,

Must buy!

I love how easy it is to apply to my daily routine and the results it left on my teeth! They look so much brighter and they don’t take as long as whitening strips. They were also really gentle in my sensitive teeth


I received the part that you sent, thank you. Your company is first rate!

Im satisfied.

Easy to use. Seeing results after one week

Vast Improvement

Eliminating batteries for USB was a major improvement, as was shrinking the size and weight of the light.

Amazing Product

Not even through the first tube and already noticing whiter teeth. Definitely recommend.

Works fast

Great product and easy to use - results after first time

Love this so convenient

Love how the pen is so convenient for on the go and when you don’t have time to do the entire whitening treatment !

Whiter Teeth

I purchased Auraglow 44% Teeth Whitening Gel because the reviews posted online were good, and I was looking for a better teeth whitening gel than I had previously been using. After multiple uses, I can confirm the claims expressed across the positive reviews I read. Auraglow 44% Teeth Whitening Gel is an excellent product and has definitely worked to whiten my teeth. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great gel with excellent results. Keep up the great work Auraglow!

Love it!

Excellent customer service and very effective product! Works fast with little sensitivity. I have been using their various products for years and will continue to!

The best home teth whitener

Within just a week, I immediately saw an extreme difference from my start till now, I even got compliments from other people who noticed especially my siblings. My smile is wider and brighter, and I’m not afraid to show my teeth no more.

Amazing product and even better costumer service! [****] 448484


Teeth Whitening Product

Have used a couple times, and each time went good with no sensitivity, definitely recommend


Loved it!!!


Works super well!

Seriously Amazing!!

I loved this product! Amazing packaging and a great product, noticed a difference after one use.

best whitening kit ever!!

aura glow has helped improve my teeth so much even within the past few months! i generally feel so much better since using it daily 🤍

Actually works!!

My teeth feel whiter after just two uses and my gums which are usually sensitive felt fine

Device Review

- first trial I had applied too much of the clear solution that curing the curing process I had hurt part of my gum
- during the second and third time I used the recommended amount (just along the line) and I really enjoyed the outcome. I think it was hard to see the line and I really had no idea I was applying way too much the first time. I think I was also confused because after applying the correct amount I still had some solution in the tube. I think something I would recommend would be supplying surriges with just the amount to fill in the top and bottom lines of the trays.
- I liked the results because I noticed a change in color right away and my teeth felt good.

Teeth whitening kit

This kit was amazing I see the difference immediately!! This kit help me get my teeth white with zero sensitivity in my teeth! Definitely recommend!

It works amazing