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Teeth Whitening Strips


Flexible teeth whitening strips that stick comfortably to the teeth to whiten in just 30 minutes per day.


30-days, risk-free

Try our products for 30 days. If it’s anything short of excellent, you get every penny back. That’s our promise to you and it’s that simple.

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Peel, apply and reveal

Designed to stick

Designed to stick

​​Our strips stretch and stick to comfortably fit the top and bottom teeth.

Wipe away stains

Wipe away stains

​​Remove years of stains in just 14 days and see noticeable results after a few treatments.

Sensitive Whitening

Sensitive Whitening

​​Our whitening strips remove stains in the most gentle manner possible.

Enamel Safe

Enamel Safe

​​​​The whitening ingredients we use have two rules. Stains must go. Enamel must stay.

Experience the best teeth whitening strips

Our teeth whitening strips contain a powerful peroxide whitening agent that helps lift years of stains in just 30 minutes per day. Simply peel, apply, and reveal your smile.

  • Includes 14 treatments (28 strips - 1 upper and 1 lower)
  • Contains 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening agent
  • Flexible strips that stretch to fit the teeth
  • Designed to stick without sliding

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30 days, risk-free

Here’s the deal. Come smile with us for a month. See how you feel. If it’s anything short of excellent, you get every penny back. That’s our promise to you. And it’s that simple.

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Teeth Whitening Strips

  • $40.00
  • Flexible strips that stick to the teeth
  • Best for effortless whitening
  • 14 treatments
  • 30 minutes per day
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • $80.00
  • LED light accelerated whitening
  • Best for removing the deepest stains
  • 20 treatments
  • 30 minutes per day
  • 35% carbamide peroxide


Whitening strips questions

How do I use the whitening strips?

1. Start by drying your teeth with a tissue. Our strips adhere best when the teeth are dry.

2. Peel off the lower strip and use a mirror to place the adhesive side of the strip to the bottom of your teeth. Repeat for the top strip.

3. Wear whitening strips for 30 minutes.

4. Remove the strips and rinse or brush your teeth.

5. Repeat the process daily until all the strips or used, or your desired shade is reached.

What’s included in the whitening strips?

14 treatments (28 strips, 1 upper and 1 lower each)

What ingredients are in the whitening strips?

Glycerin, PVP-K30, Ethylcellulose, PVP-K90, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aqua, Alcohol, Silica, Dicalcium Phosphate, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Hydroxide, Menthol, Coconut Oil.
(6% hydrogen peroxide)

How long does it take to see whitening results?

Depending on your starting shade, most customers see results after their first treatment, or after a few uses daily. For best results, we recommend using the strips until they are all gone.

Are the whitening strips safe for my teeth?

Yes, our products are safe when used as directed. In some cases, a small percentage of people may feel sensitivity or irritation with whitening products in general.

Can I use the strips on veneers, braces or other dental restorations?

Our whitening products will not whiten veneers or dental restorations. Our products work best on natural teeth. We do not recommend whitening with braces as the results can be uneven.

I have more questions about the whitening strips.

We're here to help! Head over to our FAQ for more questions and answers or contact us to chat with a smile expert!

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Whitening Strips

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