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The Best Ways To Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

by Aura Glow on Feb 26, 2019

The Best Ways To Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

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We all know the Tooth Fairy isn’t real (right?). But what’s the harm in letting your child believe in the Tooth Fairy? It’s a fun story that helps them cope with losing teeth and it reminds them of the importance of good oral hygiene.

So let’s dive into the history of this tradition and how you can best celebrate it on February 28.

Tooth Fairy Tradition

The Tooth Fairy actually started in 1927 when a booklet starring her released. The booklet was about how children can take better care of their teeth, eat healthily, and sleep well.

From that point on, people’s imaginations carried on the tradition. Now little kids believe that an actual fairy visits them while they’re sleeping if they’ve lost a baby tooth and placed it under their pillow. It was also a way for kids to see that losing teeth was a normal thing.

So February 28 has become National Tooth Fairy Day -- a day that young children celebrate the Tooth Fairy and parents can encourage good oral hygiene.

How To Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day?

Surely there are plenty of ways to celebrate this special day, but here are four great ways that are fun for both parent and child.

Tooth Fairy Stories

You know how you tell stories around the campfire, usually scary ones? Take that idea and apply it to Tooth Fairy Day, except not scary and more about the Tooth Fairy.

If you’re feeling creative, you can make up your own stories. You can make a bedtime story so your child falls asleep thinking good thoughts about the Tooth Fairy and all things good oral health. You can also have your child draw a picture of the Tooth Fairy or write their own story about it.

Or if you’d rather, you can read a Tooth Fairy book to your kids. Some good ones to check out are The Night Before the Tooth Fairy and The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Movie Night

When we suggest having a “tooth movie night,” we imagine all of the snacks being teeth-friendly. So that means no candy, popcorn, or soda pop. You can replace those with crunchy vegetables dipped in a light ranch dressing or peanut butter.

Maybe this will get you into the habit of eating a diet for healthy, white teeth.

As for the movie, you can keep it Tooth-Fairy themed by watching Rise of the Guardians or Tooth Fairy (both rated PG, so you may want to screen it first).

Present From Tooth Fairy

And then there’s the classic thing where a child leaves a tooth under their pillow and they get money in exchange. If you’re going to celebrate the Tooth Fairy, this tradition is a great one to keep.

Not only is your child not afraid of losing teeth, they actually look forward to it! Plus, you get to give them money. Every parent gives a different amount (and you have to consider inflation with each child), but a lot of parents put a quarter under their kid’s pillow.

For a little kid, a quarter is a big deal.

Another option is to get them a new toothbrush, toothbrush holder, or toothpaste that has the Tooth Fairy on it.

Give Yourself a Gift

You’ll probably be putting a lot of work into Tooth Fairy Day -- teaching your child about oral hygiene, telling them stories of the Tooth Fairy, and making sure they get their prize from the Tooth Fairy.

So you deserve a gift. Treat yourself.

Get yourself a teeth-healthy snack. Or better yet, buy yourself the best LED teeth whitening kit. The reason it’s the best is that it has a teeth whitening light as well as oversight from a dental professional.

You deserve to look your best.

But you’re not off the hook either. Not only should you give yourself a gift on Tooth Fairy Day, but you should also remind yourself of proper oral hygiene.

You can develop good oral habits by brushing 2-3 times a day, flossing every day, using mouthwash, and visiting your dentist. Also, try to limit your consumption of coffee, tea, and wine (if possible).