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How To Improve Your Appearance Right Now?

by Aura Glow on May 13, 2019

How To Improve Your Appearance Right Now?

improve your appearance in one day

Yes, in one day you can improve your appearance. In fact, right now you can do a handful of things that will instantly make you seem more attractive to others.

They’re simple ideas, but they’re effective.

Change Your Hairstyle

Not that your current hairstyle doesn’t look good, but think about how people will notice if you switch it up. Get a drastic haircut. Add extensions. Color it. Do something different.

When you walk into a room of people who know you, they’ll notice. You’ll look fresher, more exciting, and more attractive.

Whiten Your Teeth

One of the main things that decide whether others find you attractive or not is your smile. Yellow teeth? Distracting and unappealing. But white teeth? Much more attractive.

Plus, there are plenty of other benefits of having white teeth, like having more confidence to show your beautiful smile.

And, if we do say so ourselves, we have one of the best whitening kits on the market. It’s a teeth whitening kit with LED light technology, so it whitens at a much faster pace. Another option is to get the teeth whitening pen, which allows you to literally draw a brighter smile onto your face.

You just order it online on our website, have it shipped to your house, and then you can start looking better in a jiffy.

Get Some Rest

You know those dark circles some people get under their eyes? Or how some folks have generally puffier eyes? You can avoid those things by getting some rest.

Fatigue and lack of sleep are some of the main causes of puffy eyes and dark circles. Everyone has puffy eyes right after they wake up -- it’s naturally to have fluid move with gravity, up to your eyes. But staying hydrated and getting enough sleep will help those puffy eyes and dark circles not stick around.

Dress Up Fashionably

The way your dress says a lot about you. It can show that you care how you look. You can dress in a way that accentuates your pleasant external features and not the ones you would rather not show off.

So knowing your body well is important and also getting advice from someone who’s fashion you admire, whether that’s a friend, a professional, or a fashion magazine.

Improve Your Posture

Having good posture not only makes you look taller and more attractive, it can help with back pain, energy levels, less muscle tension, increased lung capacity, better circulation and digestion, and TMJ dysfunction pain.

So here are a couple quick tips...

When sitting, your feet should be flat on the floor and weight should be eqal on both hips. Your back should be mostly straight and your ears should line up over your collarbones.

When standing, your knees should be slightly bent so you’re not locking your knees or hyperextending them.

Apply Makeup

Makeup has been around for a long time. In our society, many people find you more attractive looking if you wear makeup.

Not everyone wants to wear makeup though. Some people prefer to go with the natural look of no makeup. If you’re not someone who likes makeup, you can make or buy a natural makeup that’s less noticeable and less invasive to apply than typical makeup.


Someone who may not qualify as a professional model can still look beautiful -- one huge reason is because they smile. A smile tells people, “I”m fun, I’m confident, and I have a good sense of humor!”

Those things are all attractive attributes in a person. So try to find any reason to smile. People will find you more attractive -- including you.

Smiling is probably the easiest way to make yourself more attractive to others.